There are certain things that as a couple you need to be aware of before your wedding day.

Under the marriage Act of 1961 you are required to complete a Notice of intention to marry form (NIM). This must be lodged with me, no less than one month and one day and no more than 18months prior to your marriage ceremony being performed. Usually this form would be completed at your first visit. To download this form hit the following link: Notice of intention to Marry.

You both also have to bring your original Birth Certificates, or an authorized extract of that certificate.
If you are not born in Australia you are also required to produce your birth certificate. Although if you do not have one then your passport is good enough.

If either you or your fiance have been previously married the you would have to produce your divorce papers (Decree Nisi) or previous partners death certificate.

Before your wedding both of you will be required to sign a declaration saying that you believe there is no legal reason that you and your partner should not be allowed to marry. This is a legal document and under Section 11 of the Statutory Declaration Act of 1959 it is an offence to make a false statement and is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 4 years.

Your Special Ceremony Outline

This a brief outline of what a ceremony would include:

The Bridal Entrance: This is where you can have music played or a singer perform.

Introduction: I could offer a welcome to your family and friends. Perhaps a little history about how you met. How important your children are if married before or if you have a child or children together. Its up to you this can also be optional.

Monitum: This is part of the ceremony that is compulsory where I am by law obligated to state the legal and binding nature of marriage you both are about to enter into.

"Who gives this woman" is totally up to you and can be added or deleted its your choice.

Your special vows once again are up to you, however there are some legal requirements that must be met.

Exchanging of Rings are a symbol of your vows but can be optional.

Rituals and Readings optional and I am happy to help you with these if you would like to include them in your ceremony.

Declaration: This is where I pronounce you husband and wife and is a legal requirement

"The Kiss" is optional but I doubt the new husband would miss the opportunity to kiss his beautiful new wife.

Signing of the Register: This is the part of the ceremony where all the documents are signed. People choose lots of different things to fill in the time again I am happy to offer suggestions.

Introduction of the newly married couple and congratulations from your guests.

Karen Hill

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