Partnership and Commitment Ceremony

A partner and commitment ceremony is similar to a wedding in that the ceremony is between two people who love each other. The couple may be a two men, two women or a woman and a man.

Same Sex Commitment

In Australia, same sex marriages are not recognized by the law, yet many gay and lesbian couples live in a loving committed relationship. As life partners they often wish to be publicly acknowledged by family and friends and the wider community. The love these couples share is so strong that it defies social restraints, and the couple feel that they would like to make a lifelong bond with each other. This is a significant rite of passage worthy of recognition and celebration.

Opposite Sex Commitment

Although this is uncommon it can occur some of the reasons may be:

The couple feel the legal system is an inappropriate structure to be involved in regards to matters of the heart.

There is a pagan ritual that lasts for one year and one day after which the couple renew their commitment in another ceremony should they wish to maintain their relationship.

The couple may be already married and feel it is easier to have a commitment ceremony than go through the trauma of divorce.

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